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Japan Website Renewal:We are happy to announce the release of our updated 1818 Society Japan website .  Working with our original web designer, we have made some structural changes and updated the contents. (Due to our limited resources, most of the contents are in Japanese only)


Member Only Page: The new website has a specific page which only Japan chapter members can access and will be used to list members' publications. This member page should not contain any sensitive information, including the membership roster which should continue to only be sent to members via email.  Currently the page is being displayed on a trial basis, but we hope that with testing the page will become a useful communication tool among our members.  If you wish to refer to the page, please contact  


New Staff Member: Mr. Riki Kojima, who holds an executive management position at  TEPCO Renewal Power Co. has kindly accepted responsibilities to organize the program at seminars and annual meetings.  The future programs should address more current topics and aim to attract society members of both younger generations as well as seniors.   If you have any topics to suggest please send ideas and suggestions to


Online Talk Event: Also we have started 1818 Online Talk Event where a member reports about his/her recent events or developments.  We have had two recent events, in April and May 2021 with speakers Mr. Akihiko Nishio, Vice President of IBRD and Mr. Kenichi Ohashi, a former IBRD member.  The 3rd event on October 30, 2021 has already been announced with a guest speaker Mr. Zenya Yamazaki, Mayor of Ayabe City, Kyoto. Any volunteers or recommendations for future events would be highly appreciated.